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Homeless, they are left to wander

Many children in the world are unwanted and are turned away from the safety of a home where they become “street children.” Homeless, they are left to wander, sometimes in bands, scavenging for food, having no safe place to sleep, and worse, having no one who cares for them, protects them, or teaches them what they need to know to ever hope for a decent life. In the Democratic Republic of Congo, on the streets of Lubumbashi, many such children are left to fend for themselves.

In 2006, a ministry, In God’s Heart, began taking these boys into its heart. Providing food, shelter, and life giving teaching and Biblical training, this ministry now ministers to forty boys who feel safe and loved for the first time, sometimes in their lives. These boys will be the future of a nation, because God has rescued them and taken them in to teach them and train them. He said “true religion” was caring for the widows and orphans. Won’t you invest in their future and in the future of the Congo and of Africa? All monies go directly to the care of these young men. Tour our site. Ask us anything. Be a part.


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Teresa’s Story...

In God's Heart Ministry is a Not for Profit Organization that was established in 2006 to serve the boys of Lubumbashi in the Democratic of the Republic of Congo, Africa. It was birthed out of a heart of love established by a visit that Teresa Turner took to this area in 2005.

Teresa took a trip with a friend to help serve for a time at a local Bible college and during her stay noticed the inordinate amount of street kids. She and her friend starting handing out snacks in the afternoon while she was there and the boys found a special place in her heart. Teresa came back to the States changed with a burning desire to serve these children. She then sold the majority of her possessions, rented her house out, and moved to Lubumbashi in 2006.

Teresa’s Story

Upon arriving in DRC, Teresa joined together with Michael, a local pastor, rented a compound and began taking in boys off of the streets. One by one, God has placed boys in the ministries care. The ministry has evolved from feeding the boys snacks into much more with the boys being received into our orphanage where they now have a home, can learn in our school, and can be fed, clothed, and ministered to both emotionally and spiritually.